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Why British Design really is Best!

Posted on March 21, 2015 | 0 comments

It is widely accepted that "born and bred" British design is genuinely highly regarded within the international community.

British designers seem to have a knack for creating visual imagery to express ideas and meanings. In so many situations, words are not able to sufficiently and succinctly express that which visual design is able to express in such a concise way. This is perfectly encapsulated in so much of British design and Handbag and Accessories Queen, Lulu Guinness's tongue in cheek designs are a perfect demonstration of this.  With an image, it is possible to be very precise in conveying a specific message and also has the ability to convey the classic double meaning so often present in British design.

The British design community is particularly acknowledged for being able to apply a ‘less is more’ approach to effortlessly simple design.  Concise design results in the least amount of design contrivance. In this way, British brands convey their essence with greater clarity and precision which internationally, surpasses physical boundaries, differences in culture, languages and values.

British design is renowned for its humour and a bit of humour or an emotional hook has the power to bridge the invisible gap between an product and its potential consumers and makes the design come to life. Often both qwerky and eclectic, British design often offers that "je ne sais quoi" that makes a product connect with its audience.

Great design is also about quality, quality, quality with a good dose of care and passion - quality from the design process through to the finished article and this is what British design is internationally renowned.

"Cool Britannia" and what is quintessential "British", can't quite be easily encapsulated in one sentence about what is fundamentally cool and aspirational about British brands. "Cool Britannia" is an interesting and attractive quality that is so difficult to describe but it is what makes so many British brands desirable and successful internationally. Suffice it to say that British brands convey a sense of timeless quality, reliability and trust. 

Finally, innovation and creativity are in Britain’s blood and British innovative designers are at the heart of many global empires (such as Jonathan Ive at Apple).

And finally, of course, British music, fashion, cinema and art are the envy of the world and widely consumed internationally.

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