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I didn't know I wanted a Wardrobe Mistress...

Posted on March 22, 2015 | 0 comments

It's funny how you don't always know you want something until it hits you in the face!

I was enjoying my usual rummage through the Sunday papers this morning (and specifically the Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine), and in the back of Stella there is a great little article by the Wardrobe Mistress, Francesca Salih.

The advice given is really practical, straight forward, "normal" advice and can be followed even by idiots like me (I am known for my great inabilities in the laundry room!).  For example, did you know you can get rid of potential moths by putting the offending item of clothing in the freezer?  Also, who would have thought of dosing an olive oil soaked suede garment with salt?  I won't be trying it in a rush but it's good to know someone else has tried it before putting it into practice!

I went on to take a look at the Wardrobe Mistresses website which has convinced me that I definitely need a wardrobe detox.  Interestingly, no blog on the website which is a shame as Francesca obviously has a wealth of prized information at her fingertips.

Also, interesting to us at Lush Labels, is that her website is also hosted by Shopify just like us!

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