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So what on earth is Steampunk?

Posted on April 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Very concisely, as I read somewhere, Steampunk is all about modern technology (computers, travel, iPhones, modern machinery etc) powered by steam and set in the world of the 1800’s"! It is a genre/lifestyle based on both fantasy and science fiction.

The term Steampunk appears to have been first used by writer K W Jeter in the late 1980's. Over the years, steampunk has extended into fashion, art, engineering, music, design and for some, into their lifestyles.

Steampunk delights in technology and aesthetic designs inspired by industrial steam-powered machinery of the 1800's. Whilst the genre takes its creative inspiration from the 19th century (perhaps from the British Victorians or American Wild West), steampunk is often set in a fantasy tomorrow of futurist inventions and technologies powered by steam and styled by design themes from the 1800s.

I am told that the “punk” in “Steampunk”, is from the genres desire to go against everyday, accepted convention. A steampunk fan endeavours to express their creativity and individuality through their style, gadgets, or attitude and this sets them apart.

We stock some Fabfunky prints which encapsulate some of the Steampunk genre and style.  We shortly hope to stock some Steampunk inspired jewellery designed items.

To read more about this evolving genre, take a look at www.steampunk.com

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