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Making Gifts for Him so much Easier For You

Posted on June 02, 2015 | 0 comments

Ted Baker Stag Hip Flask Gift Idea for Men | Lush LabelsLet's get serious Ladies, when it comes to shopping for men, finding the perfect gifts for him can be tough and feel pretty much near impossible...

If you ask a man what he wants, you usually get "I don't know" or "Nothing" as an answer which really doesn't help you in any way because not purchasing a gift is simply NOT an option. Oh, men.....they're so much more complicated than us! So, now, you're left sitting there wondering what in the world he needs, wants and where you should even start looking.

Luckily, we have all the ideas for gifts for him that every guy needs, covering you for every kind of man in your life whether it's for your boyfriend, brother, dad or the boy next door.

For the Handy Man

Ted Baker travel multi tool with casePut 'em to work, Ladies!

Every man needs a sturdy pair of work gloves that will finally get those backyard chores done. Even if they already have a pair, chances are they're full of holes and really not serving any purpose. Men have a thing for not throwing out items with holes in them and, sometimes, you just have to be pro-active and get it done for them. Since the guy in your life likes to channel his inner Macgyver, you also can't go wrong with grabbing him a Ted Baker travel multipurpose tool that can go everywhere with him. It's the modern day version of a pocket knife - only so much cooler. It'll also deplete the odd creations and fixes he makes with 'what he's got'. Other tools that are great gifts for him include a saw, hammer, tool case, leveller and basically, anything else with a motor such as a drill.

For The Chef

Men are quickly becoming the chefs of the households now a days, and since food is one of the most important things to them, they really like to turn up the heat in the kitchen with quality items. Some of the perfect gifts for him working in the kitchen include a cast iron skillet, a fancy bottle opener that will also pop open that bottle of wine or champagne for the next dinner he cooks up, or even some super sharp knives. He will be so excited to use these gifts for him that you can expect a nice fancy dinner as a reward!

For The Traveller

You just can't go anywhere without a passport anymore so grabbing some traveling gifts for him could be a surefire way to let him know that a vacation is well overdue.

Passport accessories such as covers and cases (or even renewing it for him), or luggage tags can be a great way to drop a hint. It will also take something off his errand list that he has been putting off way too long. There are larger traveling gifts for him that will make his work trips and weekend getaways so much easier such as a weekend shoulder bag (a man bag to go with his man bun) or even some new luggage.

For the Outdoors Man

Let's face it some men are just never happy to sit indoors, they just want to get out and do "man stuff". So for these men, we suggest you just go with the flow...How about gifting them a Hip Flask for a little sneaky tipple on his hike up the Mountain (hill?!). Or perhaps, a more sensible (boring?!) gift idea might be to give him a stylish, slimline Thermos Flask that will fit neatly in his backpack or cycle pannier. For the Sporting man, there are loads of great gift ideas you could go with depending on their sport of choice: new boots, sports wear, sports equipment & accessories. For the sailing enthusiast or mountaineer, you could try the lifestyle Climbing and Sailing Rope Wristbands.

Boing lifestyle bracelet: Climbing & Sailing rope wristband | Lush Labels

For Every Man

There are some gifts idea for men, that really aren't specific to one kind of man which makes them perfect for those relationships where you just have no idea what they could possibly want.

Whilst the special man you're shopping for may not be into fashion, we all know that usually they could use some help in that department. After all, they love holding onto old items with holes in them - just take a look at their boxer drawer! So, grab some briefs for the boy, or even a new pair of boots or Kicks that he has always wanted. You also can't go wrong with a pair of cufflinks or belt for the business guy. Plus, all of these things will encourage them to look even nicer around you...not that we're selfish...!

To ensure that you never get stranded in a car when he is driving, some excellent gift ideas include jumper cables, a wool blanket for the trunk or even a safety driver's kit. You just have to think about what a man needs, as opposed to what he wants. Asking him will probably just make the gift buying process much more difficult. So, click on over to Lush Labels for all the gift ideas you could ever need. 

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