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A wide range of British designed luxury accessories including handbags, belts, wallets, purses, keyrings, shoes, media & smart phone cases & bags and much more for discerning men and women.

The Helen Moore brand is known for its stylish and finest quality faux fur accessories. Some of the most popular sellers from this company include Helen Moore's colourful, and fashionable pom-poms. These pom-poms come in the latest colours for the fashion conscious such as gold, buttercup, powder blue, spruce, light grey, and lavender. These statement, fun pieces make great additions to any women's wardrobe and accessory collection especially when added to a belt or bag.

The Pom-Pom can be worn on a variety of clothing in so many fun ways! For example, the powder blue shoe clip pom-poms can be added to a pair of high heels, flat soles or even boots. Why not clip a Pom Pom to a jacket collar? You can finish off your Helen Moore look by adding a cashmere beanie hat to your accessory collection complete with its own faux fur Pom Pom! They are available in colours like light grey and blue, all crafted entirely in Scotland. All of the Helen Moore pom-pom accessories can be purchased with an elegant gift box.  They are crafted from the animal friendly material, faux fur and are made entirely in England.

Elvis & Kresse are market leaders in innovative ethical design and upcycling.  They have a luxury, fashionable and practical line of fire hose, unisex bags and accessories which has an “across the market” appeal. One of its most popular items is the Reporter's Bag. It is made from decommissioned British fire hose and is lined with decommissioned parachute silk lining. These recycled materials lend to the bag's trendy look and fabulous design and, of course, as it’s made from fire hose, it naturally has a robust and waterproof finish!

It features a wide adjustable straps as well as two internal pockets, perfect for storing everyday essentials. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it across your shoulder or across your body if you prefer.

This brand also offers overnight bags that are also made from decommissioned fire hose with luxurious parachute silk lining. The overnight bag is amply sized to make it ideal for travel. It has a wide mouth that makes packing and unpacking simple.  Why not pop one of Ted Bakers Travel Shoe Cleaning Kits and a Hip Flask into the Weekend Bag to complete the treat?!

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