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BOING | Unusual Leather, Steel & Rope Bracelets


We were recently contacted by Boing Inc. and asked if we would like to test out some of their stunning lifestyle bands which was really exciting. The numerous designs are for the wrist, neck, and ankle. Their design is quite simple but also a little adventurous and we couldn’t wait for the new designs to arrive!

As soon as they arrived on the doorstep, we couldn't wait to open the package. BOING sent a gorgeous, mixed collection of wrist bands and bracelets. Two of them were made of a thicker rope which was blue and white, and one of them was thinner and black in colour. All came in metal tins which were branded with the 'Boing' logo, and they looked very classy and expensive. There was a little thank you note in each tin which was a nice touch! The note in the tin went on to paint a picture of wearing the bracelets perhaps whilst skiing on a beautiful snowy mountain, around university or college enjoying campus life, or cycling along a trail in a tranquil wooded area and many more scenarios.

These examples are very fitting since the bands themselves are created from climbing and sailing ropes in different colours and sizes. The rope ends of each piece of lifestyle band are finished in a by a quality, well made metal magnetic clasp which has the Boing logo and looks extremely robust and is beautifully crafted. There is no doubt that it's the Boing label.

I suppose that some people might question the functionality and cost of these bracelets. However, we were extremely impressed. Whether you are a man or woman who is a sailor, climber or you simply just love the great outdoors and you are looking for a piece of jewellery that won't break if you are jammed in a crack or climbing a rock, and won't be ruined or broken - these bracelets are awesome.

Before you purchase a bracelet, you need to check your actual wrist measurement in cm. An easy way to do this is to use a piece of string to measure your wrist for an accurate measurement. You then select the size of bracelet based on your actual wrist measurement.

Overall these bracelets are unusual but also fun, reasonably priced and very attractive. We love them!

P.S. Recently, Boing have produced fabulous additional ranges of Leather and Gold Plated Bracelets and also very unusual Steel Rigging Bracelets.

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