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When Rachel Jackson graduated from University, she starting her working career as a successful musician. However, she felt that she had a calling to stop everything and travel around the world. This decision to follow her travelling instincts changed her life.

 While she was in Brazil, Rachel met Cinderela Brancante – a creative jeweller who opened Rachel's eyes to beautiful craftsmanship and the fine art of jewellery making. Ale, Cinderela's son, was also a huge inspiration to Rachel. Both Cinderela and Ale awakened Rachel's love for jewellery and she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life creating artistic and beautiful works of art. When Rachel returned to her home in London in 2006, Ale tragically died in an accident. Stunned and heartbroken, Rachel wanted to do something to keep Ale's memory and talents alive. She decided to create the company 'Cinderela B' and her motto became 'Do what you love.'

 Now, only 10 years later, Cinderela B designs are located in over one hundred and fifty stores. They can be found in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, and Tokyo. Rachel has been recognized by Goldsmith's for her 'Best of British' campaign, and Cinderela B has also been awarded 'Best Storefront.' Cinderela B is stationed in Shoreditch, London, where all of the company's jewellery is designed and hand made.

 Cinderela B's style has a vibrant, Brazilian theme. Amazing colours, eccentric designs and many insect inspired jewellery pieces can be found in Rachel's collection. In particular, there are several pieces with hummingbird themes, definitely Cinderela B's signature charm, as well as a part of the company's logo.

 Another popular piece you can find in the Cinderela B collection is the honey bee. The brand strives to bring awareness to the plight of honeybees, a vital part of the world's ecosystem. One of their most popular necklaces is shaped like a pineapple, a favourite fruit of Brazil.

 All of the jewellery produced by Cinderela B is hand crafted and made in England. We are delighted to be a stockist and hope to expand our product range as we grow our business. Our current favourites have to be the Liberty of London fabric print bracelets offered in fabric wraps and also leather double wrap bracelets with Liberty London floral prints.

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