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So how does a Canadian born, prairie cowgirl from Saskatchewan end up in the Garden of England running an environmentally and ethically friendly, luxury accessories business? Kresse Wesling and her husband, Elvis, have done just that and created a successful accessories company and pretty Kent is where they have chosen to settle. Their primary focus was unusual as they wanted to prevent old Fire Brigade fire hoses that were well past there use by date, from being thrown away. However unorthodox the premise, their company started in 2005 and is getting stronger every year.

 The company, called 'Elvis & Kresse', has very recently launched a new tote bag with the London Fire Brigade. The two are collaborating with famous UK designer William (Bill) Amberg, whose fans encompass a world famous circle including Tom Cruise.

 You are probably wondering exactly how one gets into recycling and selling accessories made from dirty and worn, old fire hoses? In 2004, Kresse relocated to the UK, specifically London and began looking for scraps of waste. Kresse says she was always amused by waste, even as a child. She used to take trips to a local dump and recycling centres with her father as a young girl. But again, the question still remains - why old fire brigade hoses? They are not exactly a typical thing you'd find in a recycle bin.

 Kresse was taking a course at The London Fire Brigade in 2005 and she wanted to see their waste (their hoses). She actually said it was 'love at first sight.' Apparently, the fire hoses can be active and thrive for twenty-five years, however, they are scrapped when they are considered too difficult to repair. There isn't a tradition recycling plan for the remains of the hoses so Kresse found them to be lustrous coils of red, full of history and strong. She made a decision to give them a second life, so to speak. And so the company Elvis & Kresse was born.

 Now she and her husband moved their company to a place called Tonge Mill in Kent. They are currently refurbishing a 200 year old watermill that needs much repair. While they are working on their own fire hose brand, they are redoing the old mill to make it a beautiful home. So far, the company has made some waves in the fashion industry and a gorgeous belt has landed on Cameron Diaz' waist in an issue of vogue. We'll be waiting for more unorthodox, and more very interesting accessories from Elvis & Kresse! In the meantime, we have a fabulous collection of Elvis & Kresse products and are able to source any item made by this fabulous duo at a great price.

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