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Kelly McLaughlin famously uses FabFunky as her “go-to” brand. Living on the South Coast of the United Kingdom in Sussex, Kelly can hear the sea from her home. She's always been a sketcher, a doodler, and somewhat creative. In fact, she was so creative that no items were off limits when it came to making things. She would use material from sewing, painting, woodwork, glasswork, paper mache, tissue paper – whatever she could lay her hands on to put together her creations. She absolutely loves making things that are quirky and different. Needless to say she has little blank space on her walls and she once almost took the tiles off of her roof so that she could use them to make art with! She is a perfect candidate to be a lover of all creations from FabFunky.

 The FabFunky brand offers Antique Dictionary book prints that bring out the odd and eccentric side of 19th Century Britain. These old book pages – each page entirely original with all the signs and marks of use and age - are used to be the background to vibrant images of characters, magical creatures, Victorian engravings and lots of pictures of beautiful British history full of beautiful, rich colours. The pictures contain vintage images and timeless style which have aged over time, guaranteed to bring some whimsical and charming happiness to your life. Some of the pictures may just make you laugh aloud!

 These fun, original prints are printed on antique dictionary pages. The final product is of real British antiquarian history. Some of the images include a bunny riding a unicycle, a large off-colour top hat, a cow wearing his party hat, an owl with a top hat standing on a stack of books, a puppet monkey playing the violin, and a cat with a teacup on his head. Of course, each of these original, funky pictures is drawn on a page from an old encyclopedia or dictionary, making it all the more interesting, strange and funky!

Fabfunky is original themed artwork worth taking the time to ponder and enjoy. We have a wonderful selection of many of these prints for you to browse.  If you have any special request, just let us know!

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