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We stock a selection of British designed, luxury Accessories, Jewellery, Homeware and Gifts for men of all ages to suit every occasion whether it is for a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Special Celebration or Holiday!

At Lush Labels, we’re proud to put the spotlight on some of the most incredible men’s designers working in Britain today. We know how hard it can be to find the right gift for the man who seems to have everything, which is why our experienced buyers personally pick every brand we stock to bring you the best in quality, style and independent craftsmanship. Whether he’s your boss, brother, father or friend, our one-of-a-kind gift ideas for men offer you plenty to choose from.

Specialising in quality rope bracelets inspired by real-life climbing and sailing hot spots that span the globe from South America to the Pacific, Boing is the perfect match for the man who is always up for an adventure in the great outdoors. With choices that range from thick climbing rope woven in bold, vibrant patterns to thin, luxurious bands made out of high-end European leather, the brand’s growing bracelet range now offers a variety of versatile designs that can be paired with anything he wears, whether it's laid-back hiking gear or a sharp business suit. Each Boing bracelet is handmade with tough, resilient materials and finished with a strong snap clasp, so it’s sure to last wherever life takes him.

For the man who appreciates accessories that tell a story, the reclaimed fire hose line from Elvis & Kresse is your best choice. Made up into wardrobe essentials like belts, wallets, cases and bags, it combines a classic, rustic aesthetic with the everyday toughness and lasting durability of real fire hose. Among some of the most unusual gifts for men we carry, each piece in this amazing artisanal collection is cut from genuine red fire hose decommissioned from the legendary London Fire Brigade. Having once played an important role in saving lives, this unique vintage material – aged up to 25 years in active service – has been masterfully reworked into tough, waterproof and portable designs that are nothing short of extraordinary.

If art and literature are his passions, you won’t want to miss the quirky illustrated creations from Fab Funky. Made from scratch by the very talented Kelly Stevens, Fab Funky combines backgrounds sourced from real antique books published in Britain with imposed prints that feature eccentric interpretations of animals, nature and architecture. Finished in a dazzling palette of colour, the illustrations bring the vintage text to life, creating a punchy piece of artwork that is guaranteed to be the focal point of the room. While every print is completely unique – owing to the artist’s use of different backgrounds – Fab Funky is designed as a cohesive collection, so you can choose a single piece to be the ultimate showpiece or mix and match illustrations to put together an eye-catching collage.

From Fab Funky’s playful prints to Boing’s nature-inspired bracelets, the above gift ideas for men aren’t just great conversation starters. Handmade by local designers who are committed to their craft, they make for truly unique collectibles that can be worn and proudly displayed for many years to come.

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