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Sailing Rope Middy Bracelet: BULLDOG

By Boing

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The BULLDOG Middy is a rope bracelet made with slightly narrower width, Sailing Rope than the "Chunky" version and is an even mix of Red, White And Blue threads. 

The traditional unisex wristband has been re-engineered: no charms, no glitz, no fluffy bits here! Inspired by extreme sports, BOING bands are well-designed, tough, reliable and tactile. British designed and handmade in Britain, these completely chilled bands add a dash of colour and fun to your wrist. The simple design means that you simply snap the two super strong, stainless steel, matt, magnetic clasp ends together and your unique bracelet will stay safely on the wrist.

These bracelets, available in many colours and styles, make fabulous gift ides for men and women of all ages. They are created for vibrant people who love the great outdoors!

Made to measure bracelets are available. Please select and pay for the "Made to measure" option and email us with the size required (13cm to 20cm). Made to measure orders take 1-2 weeks.

Choosing the correct size: Measure you wrist tightly and round up to the nearest cm. Order the size that has your measurement in cm next to it.

Width of band: 7-8mm

Materials and Care Instructions: The stainless steel clasp is made from the finest 316L steel. It has been milled and manufactured in the UK using UK steel and then finished and laser engraved with "Billy" individually, using the latest laser machinery in the UK.

The clasp is connected by a super-strong neodymium magnet. This is around 10x the strength of conventional magnets. This means the clasp will remain extremely secure without any additional screw or tie mechanisms. The magnet is coated in copper and two coats of nickel and as such is water resistant. However, if it is used for prolonged periods in sea water we recommend it is washed with fresh water and dried as these magnets cannot be guaranteed 100% protection against magnet corrosion. This happens in very, very few cases and as such we do provide a 365 day no quibble return policy.

100% of sailing and climbing ropes are sourced only from UK & European professional rope companies with around 75% sourced from the UK. Every rope has been stringently tested for its specific purpose, be it sailing, ocean racing or mountain climbing. Most ropes are constructed with a hard inner core and low stretch plaited polyester cove so all are waterproof and tough. In addition, the softer skinny bands sold, called 'Softies', are made of 100% grade "A", high quality polypropylene which is also resistant to water, very tough wearing but extremely light and used for light nautical purposes.

Supplied in a fabulous quality, BOING branded metal tin.

Please note that "made to measure" items are strictly non returnable and are excluded from our returns and cancellation policies.

About BOING:

BOING bracelets started as a bit of fun for family and friends with some old climbing rope and a novel design idea. So BOING was born and was formally launched in 2012. It has very quickly become a popular choice for outdoor adventurers! BOING use genuine climbing and sailing ropes and the bracelets are beautifully designed to a high standard with strong stainless steel, magnetic clasps that are unfussy, tactile and tough. The bracelets appeal equally to men and women who love the great outdoors. Every BOING bracelet comes in a round embossed tin, making it a fantastic gift. There is an amazing choice of colours and 3 different rope thicknesses, 5mm (Skinny), 7mm (Middy) & 9mm (Chunky). The etched, stainless steel, strong, magnetic clasps are all 316L grade steel and all rope is sourced from the UK and Europe.

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