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Beautiful, fine quality, luxury British designed and styled products for your home.

Vintage meets modern whimsy with Kelly Stevens Mclaughan's unique FabFunky antiquarian book prints. Mclaughan, an artist living and working on the British south coast, breathes new life into vintage books that have aged since their original print dates. The aged patina pages of these books make the ideal canvas for Mclaughan to transfer her whimsical, colourful, and interesting prints. The pages themselves may contain original markers, hinting at their history and their original creators. It is not uncommon to find hand written notes, doodles in the corner, or other distinguished markings that allude to their age and history.

It is on these pages that Mclaughan puts his prints, which contain images from Celtic legends, Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish folklore, and other imaginary fancies. These pages are ready to frame and hang, which will give your home a unique, intriguing appeal that will draw the questions and admiration of visitors. You can also give them to friends and loved ones for one-of-a-kind gifts during the holidays, at house warming parties, and other special occasions. Your gift will have the perfect touch of beauty and vintage that cannot be achieved with more traditional household accessories such as towels or settings for the table.

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