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Helen Moore | Luxury Faux Fur Womens Wear & Gifts

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Helen Moore is the epitome of luxurious, British design. Her passion for all things made in Britain and her love of the latest fashion concepts has made her quality brand famous for three decades. Helen Moore's company continues to thrive and all of her creations are made from her factory in North Devon, England. As a family owned and operated business, the integrity of the company is unquestionable dedicated to making sure that all of the original values and work ethics put into the company hold steadfast. Each piece of the famous Helen Moore brand's faux fur designer hats and accessories has been hand designed and made in England with the utmost attention to detail and high quality. Every stitch, every cut, every choice made is precise so ensuring a stunning, beautiful product each time.

The most luxurious materials only are used for Helen Moore’s famous high fashion, faux furs and hats. Once mustn't think that just faux fur throws are just on the Helen Moore menu. Her home products are vast and include hot water bottles, throws, bed runners, blankets, cushions, slipper boots, draught excluders and many other home wares. You will also find the latest in style and high fashion in the many women’s accessories available such as bags, wraps, stoles, scarves, hats, collars, slippers, faux fur coat cuffs, boot tops and boot liners. Only the best quality, most soft and luxurious fabrics are used for each of Helen Moore's creations, regardless if it's a purse or a pair of ear muffs, bringing the truest, best quality faux fur fashion designed and made only in England.

Helen Moore is one of the rare but true British family companies. Helen and her husband, Stan, together founded the company in 1982. The brand has enjoyed wide international success and praise. However, the business is still run by Helen and Stan together now with their three children as well. Everything is designed and made in a small village in rural Devon. Their dedication to meticulous attention to detail and their insistence on only using the best quality for their product has proven to create a successful company.
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