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In 1990, Links of London began almost by accident as a fine jewellery company with excellent craftsmanship, using only the utmost finest materials making timeless contemporary classic fine jewellery pieces. The first piece of jewellery designed was for a London fish restaurant owner and he had commissioned a pair of sterling silver fish-shaped cufflinks. The cufflinks were “spotted” by a buyer for “Harvey Nichols” the famous London store and they asked for a collection of items to be designed for Harvey Nicks and that was that! From that point on, the brand continued to grow and now there are retail stores across the globe from the UK to United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

Links of London was bought by Folli Follie Group in 2006. Folli Follie is a global jewellery, watch and accessory brand. Links of London continues to grow internationally in the luxury goods market. It's become a world class name and a well respected company, known for luxury, fine contemporary jewellery.

In 2007 Links of London launched a watch collection which has become a very important part of the collection. Watches are made for men and women, and there are various shapes and styles and are continually evolving often designing quite unusually and qwerky styles including the “Sweetie” Watch following the outstanding success of their “Sweetie” bracelets in early 2000’s.. The company continues to be extremely excited about making the highest quality jewellery and watches, emphasizing quality, design and
British influence.

In 2009, despite the global recession and downturn in the economy, Links of London's revenue jumped and the brand Annoushka Jewellery was launched. The company kept growing and in 2014 became the official jewellery sponsor of the famous internationally known Wimbledon Tennis Club.

If you choose to buy a piece of Links of London jewellery, you should know that all sterling silver is made using an alloy of copper and other base metals and conforms to the international silver standard of 925. All sterling silver jewellery will tarnish slowly over time due to oxidation from exposure to the atmosphere and contact with household and personal chemicals present in perfumes and body creams from day to day wearing and handling. It is easily cleaned with a good quality silver polishing cloth and/or a silver jewellery dip and the brilliance of the piece will be restored. You should keep all sterling silver out of contact from perfumes, hairspray and any chlorine products. All Links of London gold is made from the finest 18 carat gold. The gold may also tarnish over time depending on how it is treated and what chemicals it comes into contact with and should be cleaned by a cloth and/or gold jewellery dip to restore its original brilliance.
A piece of fine Links of London jewellery will be a very smart, lifetime investment and a timeless piece of beautiful craftsmanship to treasure forever.

Links of London's story began in 1990 with a pair of silver fish cufflinks.  Soon afterwards, Harvey Nicholls, London's famous store, ordered a whole collection.  Soon an eclectic selection of men’s and women’s finest jewellery had developed and now Links of London has stores outside the UK in Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

Links of London continues to evolve and you will always find that extra special, British designed, iconic piece that you weren’t expecting to find. The Links brand enjoys adding a personal touch to its pieces and likes to hint at the sense of British eccentricity and humour in its designs.

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