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Animal Slippers & Accessories by Sew Heart Felt

So clichéd, but so true - the felt animal slippers by Sew Heart Felt have quite a little 'tale' behind them! Whilst the creative design of all the Sew Heart Felts products takes place in Britain by British designers, the crafting of the handmade felt is undertaken in Kathmandu. The traditional, fine art of felt making has been taught over many generations of Tibetan women. The wool that is used comes from organic Tibetan lambs’ wool so it goes without saying that the wool is very special!

The Tibetan felt making process involves washing the lambs’ wool with soap, water and hand pressure and it is then left to sun dry. The Tibetan ladies then carefully follow the design patterns and hand make these wonderful, unique creations.

The felt slippers have won the Gift Association's “Gift of the Year Award” for the “Eco Friendly” category two years in a row and has been honourably mentioned for two years as well. The features on all the products are very precise and are delicately made. Importantly, the soles of the slippers are made with non slip soles so as to guarantee a non-slip slipper on the most polished of floors!

The brands creative designer is the well regarded English designer Sonia Spencer who works from her home in Oxfordshire. She lives with her family together with several pets and farm animals which constantly inspire her to make new creative additions to her expanding Felt collections. At her home, Spencer comes up with all of her ideas and turns these into sketches, then patterns and finally, sample stitched creations. These samples are then sent off to the Tibetan women with all the felt skills to bring Spencer's creations to life.

Because the animal slippers are designed in England and then hand felted by the specialists in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Sew Heart Felt collection provides work that is not only traditional but sustainable and valuable for women in Nepal. It is a perfect way to maintain and promote traditional skills that mean they are contributing to their community with their fine art skills whilst being well compensated for it.

Lush Labels offers a wide selection of Sew Heart Felt Animal slippers together with a number of other products arriving soon including adult felt animal slippers (several kinds of animals), felt animal rugs (various animals are available), children's costume/dress-up sets, felt animal heads as children’s wall hangings as well as felt animal puppets for children. All products are original and hand made with skill and only the highest quality.

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