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"Upcycling" or "creative reuse", is the art of transforming unwanted by-products, waste materials or useless/unwanted products into desirable, new materials or products which results in a superior quality product and which may also have a better environmental value.

"Upcycling" goes above and beyond recycling by giving decommissioned materials an all-new purpose as trendy and useful gifts. Many such gifts designed by Elvis & Kresse are made from genuine, decommissioned fire hoses that were used for more than 25 years to put out fires throughout the UK. Softened for everyday use, but just as durable and practical as ever, this decommissioned material is used to craft the stylish Elvis & Kresse wallet. This wallet is lined with luxurious silk taken from decommissioned military parachutes. It protects all of your important business cards and features a sleek vintage design.

Another trendy upcycled gift is the Elvis & Kresse card holder. This is perfect for when you do not want to carry a bulky wallet but still have all of your important business cards at hand. It is also made from decommissioned fire hose material and parachute silk. It has been designed for tucking neatly into your trouser or shirt pocket.

Vintage and antique gifts are very popular today, which is why you might consider the FabFunky antique Dictionary Book Prints as the perfect, upcycled gift. These original prints feature intriguing and colourful designs that range from vibrant images derived from Scottish folk tales and pictures from Celtic legends. The prints are produced on old and out-of-print British journals and dictionaries dating from the late 1800’s that are the ideal rustic, charming upcycled gift to give to a special friend or loved one who already has everything!

All of the prints shown above, are unique and come with their own one-of-a-kind markings like foxing age marks or authentic corporation seals. Some also feature the original handwritten notes left by their 19th century original owners. Whether you display them alone or together as a collection, they are a great way to show off your home's individual character, appeal and intrigue.

FabFunky Dictionary upcycled prints feature the illustrations of renowned UK artist Kelly Stevens-Mclauglan. This artist is known for the quirky style and whimsical designs that prompt fans from all over to seek out this print collection. Kelly's colourful, unique prints are applied directly to the antique books dating all the way back to the late 1800s. The combination of the prints and the aged appearance of the books make for the perfect quaint, upcycled look that make these FabFunky Dictionary prints ideal to give to people whom you do not know as well.

Another alternatively, for the man or woman with everything already, take a look at the up cycled jewellery collection made in the UK by Monkey Shirley.

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