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What to buy Your Boyfriend for his Birthday

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What to Buy Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Trying to read your boyfriend’s mind doesn't always turn out well. The secret to choosing a gift that he’ll love all comes down to picking something that he would probably never buy for himself. A perfect gift is one that has a cool story behind it that he can share when people notice it. Looking for some inspiration? Every man needs an impressive pair of cuff links that he can wear to weddings, work events and other special occasions. 

Steampunk designs and vintage-inspired looks are perfect if he doesn’t like to appear predictable. If he isn’t such a huge fan of fashion, you can still find him something practical without being forced to settle for something dull. A laptop case made from recycled firehose material is a great gift and a fabulous conversation piece.


What to Buy Your Boyfriend for His Birthday

What makes a perfect gift for marking the passage of another year? A unique piece of art is one way to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday. Choose a fun, eclectic print that he can proudly hang in his office. Another great option is to buy a piece of jewellery. A steel bracelet with a magnetic clasp is a masculine, understated design that makes a powerful statement.  If you’re looking for a stylish and practical item that he can use every day, a credit card holder is a great option. This is especially useful for a man who travels often and needs a secure place to hold his credit cards and travel passes and travel passes. Of course, no ordinary holder will do. The unique appeal of a holder made from reclaimed fire hose is something special.

What to Buy Your Boyfriend for Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time to pick out a memorable, one-of-a-kind gift for your sweetheart. A thermos flask with an outdoorsy, nature-inspired theme is a great way to help your boyfriend keep warm while watching his favourite football or rugby team.
Another option is a hip flask with that same outdoorsy theme. Both of these gifts are great because they offer a keepsake that is masculine and distinguished. You also can’t go wrong with a good bag when it comes to picking out a present. Giving your boyfriend a weekend bag made from reclaimed fire hose will really delight him because it is something he will actually use. He’ll take pride in supporting the brave British firefighter because 50% of profits made by the manufacturer are donated to Fire Fighter charities.

He’ll take pride in supporting the brave British firefighters because 50% of the profits made by the manufacturer are donated to Fire Fighters charities.

What to Buy Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

A stylish bracelet fashioned from sailing or sailing rope is a unique and eye-catching gift that is sure to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face on Valentine’s Day. Men love these popular bracelets because they offer a sporty, rugged look.

What to Buy Your Girlfriend

Shopping for a girlfriend can be fun if you let your creative and romantic sides shine. Whether your girlfriend likes dainty and delicate delights or quirky and unique treasures, there are so many memorable gift ideas to choose from. Of course, you can never go wrong with jewellery. A charm bracelet makes a great gift because it can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. Another attractive option is a chain necklace with an accompanying charm.
If your girlfriend prefers casual jewellery, something like a leather bracelet or sailing rope bracelet will really win her heart. You can also be romantic without opting for jewellery. Sweet presents like notebooks with beautiful prints, an iPad case made from recycled fire hose or a pom pom clutch bag or keyring are all thoughtful ideas that a girlfriend is sure to love.

What to Buy Your Girlfriend for Christmas

The holiday season is sure to be all about mulled wine and kisses if you know how to do some good Christmas shopping for your sweetheart. What makes a Christmas gift perfect? Things that are sparkly, cuddly and totally unique always get the mark of approval on that chilly and magical morning by the Christmas tree.
A faux fur shoulder wrap is a great present for a stylish woman. If you’re looking for something practical that still manages to be posh, help you girlfriend keep her keys safe with a fuzzy heart-shaped key ring. You can’t go wrong with some stud earrings or an understated bangle bracelet.

What to Buy Your Girlfriend for her Birthday

A perfect birthday gift is one that makes your girlfriend feel special. A pair of swan felt slippers is a great way to give her a cute, quirky present that will help to keep her feet toast warm on chilly mornings. You could take the more serious route by giving her an n attractive print that she can hang on one of her walls. Choosing a quirky steampunk-inspired look featuring woodland animals is original. Of course, jewellery is never a bad idea on a woman’s birthday. Go for something elegant like a Bill Skinner strawberry bracelet or a strawberry locket if you want to bring a little romance to the occasion.


What to Buy Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Jewellery is the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. Make the most romantic day of the year a success by treating your girlfriend to a classic pair of sterling silver studs or Bill Skinner earrings. Necklaces are also quite appropriate to give on Valentine’s Day. Something like a gold-plated necklace with a fox charm or a daisy and bee sterling silver necklace will show off your romantic side.
There are also plenty of other great options for a girl who isn’t a big fan of jewellery. You can choose a colourful pom pom clutch bag from Helen Moore, a great way to keep her things safe when she’s dressed up for a big event.

What to Buy Your Husband for Christmas

Is your husband hard to shop for? A little creativity is all you need to please even the most mysterious of gift recipients. If your husband appreciates art, get a vintage-inspired antique book print that features a fox, deer, greyhound, horse, hare or some other quirky creature. These prints are becoming very popular for offices and dens. Does your husband like to look dapper? He will definitely appreciate a pair of sterling silver collarbone stiffeners that will give him a smart look.
You can also help him feel dapper with steam punk style, watch movement cufflinks.
Of course, no man can ever have enough belts. Give your husband a unique yellow belt fashioned from recycled fire hose. This way he will have a special accent piece to finish off his outfit when you have big plans for a night out.


What to Buy My Husband for His Birthday

Show your husband how happy you are to spend another year with him by giving him a gift that is timeless. If your husband travels a lot for work or pleasure, some stylish travel accessories are sure to please him. A brown faux leather luggage tag or travel manicure set in a regal case both provide distinguished options for seeing the world in style. If your husband is a man of few words, give him a place to jot down those words by giving him a little black notebook or notepad bound in a cover made from reclaimed fire hose.

What to Buy as a Wedding Gift
Do you love giving couples unique gifts on their wedding day? Giving a couple a conversation piece for their home is a great idea. Having a quirky framed print featuring woodland creatures, is a wonderful idea that shows thoughtfulness. You can ensure that a newly married woman has something to remember her fist year with by buying her a Helen Moore throw.
Upcycled gifts are becoming very popular. If you’re looking for an idea for a travel-minded couple, a weekend bag made from reclaimed fire hose is a new option that is sure to delight.

What to Buy for a Christening Gift

A perfect gift is one that is tasteful and personal. One of the best things you can buy for a child’s special day is a pair of character felt animal felt animal slippers. They are a wonderful idea because they are also practical. Opt for soft animal felt ones that will keep a baby warm on cold nights. They come in many different characters such as sheep, donkeys, cows, foxes, bunnies or sheepdogs and are sure to be loved.


What to Buy Your Wife for Christmas

Finding the right Christmas gift for your wife is the easiest way to ensure a merry and bright Christmas.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, go for jewellery. Bracelets are among the most requested items by women around the holiday season. A charm or coin infinity bracelet or rose gold turquoise bracelet are all sparkling items that are sure to please. You could think outside the box by surprising her with a charming squirrel acorn locket necklace.


If you’re looking for practical ideas, a pink stylus is a fun and feminine present that your wife will definitely use. Does she love to accessorize in trendy pieces that keep her warm? Help her fight off the Christmas time chill by giving her a gorgeous Helen Moore faux fur buckle collar or cashmere pom pom hat.

What to Buy Your Wife for Birthday

Are you looking for a way to show your wife how much you care on her special day? Celebrate the passing of another year by buying her some beautiful jewellery. Simple and elegant choices like rabbit and pearl sterling silver earrings, acorn gold-plated earrings or an adjustable lariat necklace will make her eyes light up.
One of the best gifts you can give your wife on her birthday is a dainty charm that she can put on her favourite chain. In fact, you can get good mileage out of this gift idea by giving her a new charm every year. You can also impress her with thoughtful gift ideas like a set of four boxed notebooks, a floral travel credit card holder with mirror or a floral luggage tag set. If your wife appreciates the finer things in life, she will delight in a decorative floral boxed hip boxed hip flask.


What to Buy for a Baby

A one-of-a-kind present for a baby is always appreciated by parents. The key to giving a baby a great present comes down to choosing something that can be displayed in their nursery. A perfectly planned gift can easily become a keepsake that a child will treasure forever. You can also choose some felt animal slippers with cute designs or a fox felt rug, if you’re looking for a gift idea that is practical.

What to Buy Your Mum for Christmas

Christmas time is the perfect time to let your mum know how much you love her. Doesn’t she deserve something sparkly under the tree for all she’s done for you throughout the year? Treat her to a lovely charm bracelet made from jade, obsidian or amazonite if you’d like to give her a gorgeous accessory. This is something she can wear every day to remember you.
A pair of dainty stud earrings in the shape of bees or foxes, will give her an easy way to feel a little more dressed up as she goes about her day. Does your mother enjoy taking holidays? Give her some accessories that are as beautiful as they are useful. A travel document wallet with pen is a great item that will serve her well as she sees the world.
You can also give her a travel jewellery roll to help her travel with her favourite pieces of jewellery.


What to Buy Your Mum for her Birthday

Show your mum how much you appreciate her on her birthday by giving her a special gift that demonstrates how much time and care you’ve put into selecting it. Something like a faux leather notebook is a great idea because it will give your mum a lovely place to jot down her thoughts.
You can also give her something that will keep her warm and stylish if you pick a cashmere pom pom hat. Does it seem like your mum is always losing her keys? What about a large felt pom pom key ring to ensure she can easily find her keys in her handbag. If your mum prefers things that are a little subtler, opt for an elegant key ring made from reclaimed fire hose used originally buy our brave fire fighters used originally by our brave fire fighters instead.


What to Get Dad for Christmas

Let your dad know that he’s been on your mind this holiday season by giving him a thoughtful and unique gift he’s sure to love. A travel tool kit in a pouch is a great gift for a dad who loves to tinker around. A faux leather ballpoint pen in a decorative case from his son or daughter is sure to become the glory of your dad’s den. You can’t go wrong with a pair of vintage-inspired cufflinks. Your dad is also sure to be delighted by a classic belt made from recycled fire hose.



What to Get Dad for Birthday

Showing your dad how much you appreciate him can be as easy as picking out a unique art print for him to hang on the wall of his office. You could also mark his special milestone with an attractive bracelet made from climbing or climbing or sailing rope. Has your father taken up technology lately? Give him a way to safeguard his favourite gadget with an iPhone sleeve made from recycled fire hose.
You can give your father a brand new way to celebrate the love of his favourite drink by presenting him with a stately stag hip flask.


How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift

What is the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift? The answer will depend on the nature of your relationship with the bride and groom. The general rule is to spend between £35 and £60 on a co-worker, family friend or distant family member. You will want to spend a little bit more on a gift if you have a more intimate relationship with the couple getting married.

Plan to spend between £50 and £75 on gifts for close family members and friends. You can either spend the amount on a single gift or spread it out over a few smaller presents.


How Much Money to Give at a Wedding

Are you wondering how much cash you should give to a couple as a wedding gift? Wedding guests tend to spend more when they give cash instead of purchasing gifts. The general rule is to give between £50 and £75 if you’re attending the wedding of a co-worker, friend or distant family member. You will want to stuff the gift envelope a little thicker if you’re attending the wedding of a close friend or family member.
Most people consider it appropriate to give up to £100 to a couple if you have a substantial relationship with them.


What to Buy for a Wedding Gift

Picking out a gift to give a couple on their wedding day can be a fun and creative process once you decide to think outside the box. A quirky upcycled gift is a great way to help a couple feather their nest with style. An art print is one of the most requested items by couples these days. A gorgeous print featuring animals and vintage-inspired elements is a perfect gift for a couple because it will give them a shared piece of art to decorate their new home with.
Travel items are also perfect for a couple if you know they enjoy traveling or are planning a honeymoon in the near future. Some of the best travel gifts to give include decorative luggage tags, a travel manicure set and a travel credit card holder.


What to Buy Someone Who Has Everything!

Some people are just so hard to shop for because it seems like they already have everything. That’s when it becomes so important to focus on unique gifts that offer artisan touches and plenty of novelty. Even a man who has everything can appreciate a pair of rare cuff links or a quirky art print that will dress up the walls of his office. Something like a belt fashioned from repurposed fire hose or an artisan hip flask will give him some serious bragging rights.
A lady who seems to have everything can always use another piece of jewellery. This is especially true if that jewellery is richly unique and feminine. Something as simple as a charm that she can add to her favourite necklace or bracelet is a thoughtful idea that she is sure to appreciate.
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